Are payment plans available?  

Yes! We offer a 3 month interest free  payment plan option for any display.

How long will my product take to be completed?

A typical arrangement takes
4-6 months to process and design. Allow up to 8-12 months for custom frame orders or specialty display options.

Help! My wedding has already passed? Can I still preserve my bouquet?

This depends on the treatment of the flowers after the event. In most cases we can still preserve your flowers. However, call us immediately for a consultation.

How much does preserving my bouquet cost? 

Each bouquet is a custom piece of art. The prices will vary depending on the size of the bouquet and the design selection. Most displays range from $800-$1200. 

Our Minimum order is $500 
($225 is due up front) 

Drying fee with no display is $225


Will my arrangement look exactly like my wedding bouquet? 

Depending on the quality/freshness of your flowers once they arrive at our showroom, we try to keep the bouquet as close to your actual arrangement as possible.

Some colors will fade naturally over time. We will try our best to repair any damage to your flowers that may have been bruised in transporting them. Our lead designer will work with each client to ensure a quality product.